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Saturday, October 2, 2010


*long sigh* -_-
After about an hour of updating my template on my The Beginning blog I am partially exhausted(not physically).

I am so...unhappy that I cannot add Google's Adsense program to my WordPress blog. The reason why, is completely understandable, for security purposes. Being that,a couple of months ago, I was browsing some random blogs on blogger/Blogspot, my computer got some kind of virus or something(reason why I decided to use WordPress). My computer is fine now. But, now that I want to use Adsense I have to go back to Blogger/Blogspot. Going back to Blogspot really isn't a problem anymore because now I get to play around with colors and backgrounds. My only thought is that WordPress, in my opinion, seems to be a bit more professional.

So which site should I use? WordPress or Blogger?
My solution: Both! All I'll be doing is posting the same material on both sites. I call this a joint blog. The best of both WordPress and Blogger!
My Blogspot Blog( has a beautiful layout and background( I didn't have to learn CSS). Plus I get to use Adsense.

WordPress. I'm not yet sure why I like WordPress so much but I do, I may have to learn CSS and get my own domain sooner or later but I'm sticking with WordPress.

-Tia aka TC

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