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Friday, February 8, 2013

Quick Announcement

I have started two new blogspot blogs!
Here's a short description of the new two and an update on the older two.

Entering The Multimedia Scene is about various media platforms ie: TV, Radio, Magazines. On this site there will be reviews of current multimedia news from various sources.

The Biz of Advertising is about advertising. I'm taking an Intro into Advertising class and this is the blog that I will be sharing what I learn. Since most of us have seen and heard advertisements hopefully it won't be too hard getting down to the gritty details. It should actually be fun, for advertisers create and produce with a purpose (just has how God does things and changes things with a specific purpose in mind).

Just A Little Something on Wordpress is still up and running so visit that site to check it out. There has been continuous growth in the posts as well as the views.

I'm giving some thought on The Beginning blog site. It may be concentrated on one topic... or actually, this just came to mind, I will record the beginning of things on this site.

We all have beginnings in life. Why not celebrate it?

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