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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jotting down todays happenings

1)woke up THANK GOD ( My family members or who ever probably would be totally crazed out if they ever found out what I tried to do in my past. But I've grown past the situation which is why I'm even mentioning it) explicit much? lol (sarcastic tone if you didn't pick it up)

anyway my pinky suffered from a paper cut caused by the evil Burger King cup holder

So I was volunteering at Petco this morning and after about 30minutes a familiar draining feeling crept up on me. ugh I hate that. Anyway I was basically getting dizzy or dehydrated, a mix of the two if you can imagine it. The most annoying thing was that this random short lady decides to come up to me and start yapping away.
N O N S T O P. Here I am practically unable to see what her face looks like(or anything for that matter) and shes still talking.Unbelievable! After about a minute she finally stoped talking, Yea I know only a minute you're probably like "that's not even close to being long" but for the way I was feeling I just felt like telling her to "SHUT THE HELL UP ALREADY"

The rest of the day went on alright,
--------though parts of my vision still kinda has that darkening thing going on
(Which is a first..)

--------Still having thoughts about a particular person. Either these thoughts ought to consume and hopes will become useful or useless oowii I just got an idea for a poem(more on this soon)

nah forget it talking with pops comes once in a while.. so awesomely cool!


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