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Monday, February 22, 2010

So remember in my last post how I said my eyes were hurting and behaving all weird and stuff?
Well my right eye is just fine.
The only problem is my left eye, its lookin' kinda redish.
Everytime the light shines in it or something shiny glistens in my eye I get this sharp pain.

(It's not like I'm purposely turning on the lights in my house or anything, cause I'm not)

So I was thinking that an eye patch would be really useful right now. Don't chya think so??

I call this pup with a pirate hat
..or..pirate costume...
(and this pup is fake just take a look at the glassy eyes and the way it's standing)

Anyways I gotta go to class to take my chemistry test...Hope I pass!

I believe I will pass I prayed, I studied and I understand the work sooo yea I think I'm gonna pass.


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